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Who are we?

mycvmarket.com is Ghana’s most popular CV market in the hiring industry. We are positioned in bringing to the doorstep of employers an array of carefully crafted CV’s designed to bring forth jobseeker’s career skills and abilities that appeal to potential employers affording them the luxury to recruit with ease. Our team has a broad range of experience within recruitment and personnel management, empowering us to offer a service of the highest possible standard.

Who are our clients?

We provide services to all and sundry from fresh graduates looking to start promising careers, individuals taking a step up in their professional careers and potential employers desiring to replace or fill a vacancy in less than 24hrs.

What's our objectives ?

To help employers meet their recruitment needs just when needed: less than 24hrs. To create an enabling environment for Jobseekers to be shortlisted and interviewed to occupy professional positions within the ‘speed of light’. To listen to our clients, to respond and accommodate their changing needs.


  • Location: Paradise Residential Area
  • Hours: 8am to 5pm / week
  • Telephone: +233 553461037
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